What's the Latest Development?

Richard Branson’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ profiles are all equally personal and active. Much of what he posts is related to his many philanthropic efforts. But other times, he’s just tweeting his thoughts or writing about his active globe-trotting lifestyle. His advice to other CEOs on using social media: "Be authentic and organic. It can’t be forced or it won’t work. And most importantly, have fun."

What's the Big Idea?

Few executives (or billionaires, or knights) are so candid publicly. Why does Branson use social tools? "I've seen how social media can spread awareness about how we use business as a force for good. It also allows me to share the lessons I’ve learned in business." "Social media overall—the comments on the blog and Facebook, Twitter—allows me to hear what people are saying on a daily level...the good, the bad and everything in between."