Who's the Better Leader? Eli Manning or Tom Brady?

Super Bowl 2012 is upon us, so we indulge the healthy quarterback vs. quarterback rivalry by asking which is a better leader. The glamorous Brady or the workhorse Manning?

The Case for Eli Manning

Leadership is about more than raw talent or personal style. Great leaders must mesh their own talents with the culture of the organization they lead. With Manning, the Giants tradition of toughness is amplified. "The Super Bowl will mark Manning's 130th consecutive start; no active NFL quarterback can match that claim." Manning's other stunning quality is that he is clutch. "This year alone, he led the Giants to five fourth-quarter comebacks and broke the NFL record for the most fourth-quarter touchdown passes in one season." 

The Case for Tom Brady

Persistence and a refusal to quit can inspire a team to great heights; this is the essence of Tom Brady's rise to the top of his game. He struggled for playing time in college before being picked 199th in the sixth round by the Patriots. But today, despite being the star of the league, his self-criticism in post-game press conferences is stunning, even after he has helped to win the game. By raising the bar for himself, Brady raises the bar for every member of his team, allowing them to achieve their potential. That is what is meant by leadership.

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