What's the Latest Development?

The prevailing belief in Glen Rose, Texas, is that humans and dinosaurs walked the Earth together, though archaeologists say the species lived 60 million years apart. "The small town about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth is home to some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world; it’s also a heavily Christian community where many locals interpret the book of Genesis literally." Residence point to pock marks the size of human footprints in the same riverbed where dinosaur fossils have been found. Some of the fossils are on display at the town's Creation Evidence Museum. 

What's the Big Idea?

Beyond a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, there seem to be strong economic and cultural motives behind the belief system in Glen Rose. Although the town has but 2,000 residents, its tourist industry brings in $23 million in annual revenue, attracting both the scientifically minded and those seeking to confirm their religious beliefs. Mary Adams, the niece of George Adams, who first found the dinosaur tracks more than a century ago, warns against believing in evolution: "If we were not created by God," the 87-year-old Adams said, "there’s no one to whom we are accountable. We can live exactly as we please."

Photo credit: Shutterstock.com