What's the Latest Development?

Here's how John Brandon sees the future less than 15 years from now: augmented reality will be mainstream, digital assistants will guide our every move, everything will be translated on the fly, we’ll be using digital scrolls, and some of our employees will not be human but robots. The list follows questions to futurists and smart thinkers about what business tech will be like in 2025. 

What's the Big Idea?

Future robots won't look like us but these smart machines will replace us on mundane tasks such as flipping hamburgers at a local eatery, diagnosing our illness at the doctor, and acting as our digital avatars at meetings. And like an advanced version of Siri, digital assistants will know our schedules, read our email, and store all of our photos and documents. More importantly, they'll know where we need to be and why.

Image: shutterstock.com