Article written by guest writer Rin Mitchell

What’s the Latest Development?

The United States will sell unarmed surveillance drones to Iraq in order to protect oil terminals. Since the departure of U.S. Troops last December, the United States will now have a presence in Iraq. The deal is not only to protect oil exports, but to maintain and strengthen the U.S./Iran-relationship as well. The drones will allow Iraqi Military to guard oil terminals within areas of the Persian Gulf where Iran has threatened to block. In addition to the drones, Iraq will acquire more than $15 billion worth of U.S. Military hardware in the event they experience outside aggression.

What’s the Big Idea? 

America wants to stay in the loop and maintain a presence in Iraq, while safe guarding the oil supply. The U.S. has spent years along with Iraq developing its energy industry. The oil production in Iraq has surged to three million barrels per day. It is predicted to surge even higher to 10 million barrels per day in six years.