UK City Converts A Street Into A 300-Foot Water Slide

Unfortunately it was just for today (May 4) but the slide drew large crowds to Bristol's Park Street during its Make Sunday Special program. Of nearly 100,000 applicants, only 360 got to ride the slide.

What's the Latest Development?

The English town of Bristol decided to provide a truly special attraction for its first Make Sunday Special event of the year today (May 4): 300 feet of Park Street was converted into a giant water slide made up of hay bales, plastic sheets, water and -- for extra speed -- dishwashing liquid. Of the nearly 100,000 people who entered a lottery for a ticket to ride down the slide, only 360 won, and some of them chose to wear costumes to mark the occasion. 

What's the Big Idea?

The "Park-and-Slide" is the brainchild of artist Luke Jerram, who says he was inspired by old photos of kids playing on empty streets: "It's an extraordinary thing and all that has been taken away [by cars and congestion]. I'm happy to take over a street, and this slide is an architectural intervention really." He made the proposal to Bristol's city council in March, and received final approval for it last Thursday. Similar Make Sunday Special events will take place the first Sunday of every month through September. For those cities and towns that might want to try something similar, Jerram's Web site will offer details in exchange for a small charitable donation.

Photo Credit: Luke Jerram

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