TV and Social Networking

"Is the future of TV in social networking?" A Forbes Magazine blog looks at the future of the television, which is online and allows shared viewing and conversations over Facebook and Twitter.

"Today people consume their entertainment amid the blue glow of their laptops or portable DVD players. A more isolated experience? Not necessarily, says Anthony Rose, online controller of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): 'Imagine that while you’re watching BBC iPlayer or your favourite on-demand TV or movie service, you can see thumbnail images of all your friends who are watching online at the same time. Periodically you see 'shouts' popping up from those friends—'I’m loving this', 'Check out the new Zonda!' You click on one of those shouts, and are instantly watching the same programme as your friend, at the same point in the program.' ... Social TV, he said, was coming to a PC near you."

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