What's the Latest Development?

Over $1 million in seed financing has been raised by Ovuline, a company that since June 2012 has been helping women track their fertility using a set of online tools. They take in data points like basal temperature, weight, menstruation-related factors, and others to predict ovulation and indicate times of maximum fertility. They are also beta-testing a product that will use mobile technology to continuously monitor a woman's health during pregnancy. Data collected can help provide suggestions to ensure a healthier pregnancy and also alert women to any potential issues, such as preeclampsia, that might require a doctor's attention. The funding will go towards further development of this tool.

What's the Big Idea?

Ovuline is one of many companies that are hopping onto the "quantified self" train, which runs on the concept that Big Data will, theoretically, help improve health in every way. According to the company Web site, it already has proof of this: Using its tools, the average Ovuline user conceives in 56 days, which is a third of the national average.

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