Tips for Hosting a Top-Notch Open House

Open houses are a terrific way to attract the attention of potential homebuyers. Just remember: sometimes you need to get out of your own way.

Hosting an open house is a terrific way of letting prospective homebuyers take a glimpse into what you're selling. But as FOX News' Adam Verwymeren notes, self-sabotage can easily turn a great event into a failed one. Below is a brief summary of Verwymeren's advice for throwing a successful open house. Take a look at his article (linked above and below) for the entire picture:

Signage is not enough: The dinky little "Open House" sign you bought at the local hardware store won't cut it if you're looking to attract multiple homebuyers. If you're using a real-estate agent (which you probably should be), make sure he/she has the event listed in the MLS database, which is sort of like a super-duper form of Facebook for houses on the market. If you're not using an agent, you can still advertise using websites such as Zillow and Trulia.

Dress for success: No, that doesn't you should dress up (though it can't hurt). Rather, dress the house in a way that brings out its best qualities (and minimizes your... let's say... eccentricities.) For example, if you've painted the kids' room chartreuse, you may want to invest in a softer tone. Even if homebuyers are aware that they'll have to put in work once they have the house, the psychological effect of walking into a room that looks an MPAA preview screen could ultimately tank their interest.

Make Fido disappear: Unless you've booked Boo the Dog to help attract attention, keep any pets (and their things) away from view. If your furry friends leave a smell, deodorize the place. And if you've got cats, make sure you mention it to folks who step through the door. You're not going to buy a house if it makes you sneeze like hay fever. 

Maybe disappear yourself: If you're using an agent, why are you there in the first place? Take the day off. Go to the beach. Play tennis. Whatever. Just secure your valuables at home and let the professional do his/her job. Some homebuyers feel pressured or judged if the current owner is in attendance. Don't be if you don't have to.

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