The Most Valuable Habits For Debt-Free Living

How do you live a debt-free life? First, you need to adopt the habits associated with smart fiscal living and cease with the unsustainable behaviors.

If you want to be debt free you have to act like it. That's the basic summary of A.J. Smith's list of tips for living within your means currently posted over at Marketwatch. The article runs through ten key habits and behaviors shared by financially responsible people. These include a keen attention to detail and an ability to do one's own research into financial matters. Those who comb through their statements every month are much less likely to run into trouble down the line. The same goes for folks who don't just punt their finances to family members or accountants.

Smith's list also includes certain habits related to personal values. For example:

"10. They value experiences over stuff

Debt-free people aren’t focused on things. They value experiences more than having the latest things. The average person will list family and friends high on what they value. But are your choices reflecting that? If you are working extra hours to pay for a fancy meal with the family, think about the trade-offs. Would you be better off not working late and having two (or five or 10) meals at home with the family?"

Take a look at the full article (linked again below) and let us know what you think of Smith's list. Is there something missing that you swear by? Tell us in the comments below.

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