Lawyers for Brooke Mueller Sheen, the wife of Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, have said she wants the domestic violence case against him dismissed after the pair were reunited. “Charlie Sheen and his wife were reunited Monday after a judge modified a restraining order and allowed them them to work out their differences following a Christmas Day domestic violence dispute in which the actor allegedly pinned his spouse on a bed with a knife to her throat. The couple hugged in court, and Brooke Mueller Sheen's attorney, Yale Galanter, said they hugged again and kissed in the basement of the 19th century Pitkin County Courthouse after the brief hearing before leaving in separate vehicles. They planned to fly out of Aspen together, and Galanter said he has asked prosecutors to drop the case. ‘I can tell you, Brooke very badly wanted to have contact with Charlie,’ Galanter said. ‘There are many children's issues that she wanted to communicate with him about... They have two gorgeous beautiful babies together. Brooke would like this case to be over and charges dismissed so they can get on with their lives.’”