What's the Latest Development?

When Victoria Ransom's product idea became an unexpected success, she knew she had to build a solid base for her company and that meant choosing the right people. Her idea was Wildfire, a tool to create interactive promotions across different social media platforms. As demand for Wildfire increased, Ransom knew she was creating the foundation on which future success would depend: "With any big idea, you have to realize you yourself are not scalable, and will never be enough to make the business succeed." 

What's the Big Idea?

Ransom knew that choosing the right people to help expand the company would make all the difference down the line: "When you're a very early stage company, it is easy to be grateful for anyone who is willing to work for you, but it’s critical not to compromise on quality or culture. The first people you hire will help set the pace, the culture, and the vision of the company, so have a very high bar." In addition to choosing the right people, entrepreneurs must be critical of their own ideas to be successful, she says.

Photo credit: shutterstock.com