What's the Latest Development?

Leo Hickman laments the seemingly-endless climate debate, which "rages on without progress" and sees naked ideology or vested interest over-ride genuine scientific enquiry. He wonders if a 'meeting of moderate minds' might be the answer, just like peace talks in a war context. "We have a seemingly intractable, bitter, hostile conflict between two firmly entrenched foes with no obvious sign of resolution ahead."

What's the Big Idea

Hickman says we should seek and focus on shared goals that the warring parties in the climate debate would regard as worth finding "peace" for. He suggests the following as a starting point: Unimpeachable, transparent, uncorrupted science; Energy security; "Clean" energy; Halting deforestation; Halting biodiversity loss; Conserving marine habitats; Avoiding economic instability; Protecting the poor and vulnerable; and Ensuring global food supplies.