One of Wall Street’s best-paid bankers Hugh McGee is trying to get his son’s teacher fired after she allegedly branded investment bankers as “sleazeballs”. “Mr Mcgee, who is Barclays Capital's global head of investment banking, penned a rambling five-page letter to the board of trustees of Houston's Kinkaid School, asking that the teacher and two other staff members be fired. In the letter, Mr McGee, who is alleged to have an eight-figure salary, claims that history teacher Leslie Lovett has a ‘leftist invective’ which ‘is neither accurate nor part of the approved curriculum’ The banker, who was global head of investment banking at Lehman Brothers until its collapse last year, goes on to claim that the teacher told his son John Edward's 11th-grade class ‘that somehow both Lehman and Barclays made a bunch of money on the Lehman bankruptcy, and that all investment bankers were 'sleazeballs' and dishonest’. His son, apparently with ‘tears in his eyes’ went on to defend his father, saying he had been ‘working around the clock trying to save 11,000 jobs and that she had absolutely no idea what she was talking about’.”