From next Friday until August 31 slightly different sculptures of naked men will interrupt New York’s skyline as artist Anthony Gormley kicks off his first every New York-based installation. The sculptures, cast in bronze, and all of Gormley himself, will be perched on rooftops, standing on the grounds of Madison Square Park and dotting the sidewalks around the Flatiron district, The New York Time reports. “When I did it in London” — in 2007 these same figures could be found on bridges, buildings and streets along the South Bank of the Thames River — “the reaction was quite remarkable,” he to the New York Times. “People would stop. They would notice one; they would immediately stop somebody else on the street, pointing to the thing. Then gatherings of people would result, and quite quickly they would register their environment in a way they hadn’t before.” The Times reports that the not yet fully installed project has already caused a stir in New York, after the New York City Police department pre-emptively reassured the public that the figures were not “jumpers” on the verge of committing suicide.