School Lunch Psychology

Simple marketing strategies can be very effective at getting kids to eat healthier lunches, like putting fruit in an attractive bowl and replacing carrots with 'x-ray vision carrots'.

While school budgets are especially tight when it comes to feeding their students—the Boston Globe reports that after expenses are paid, schools have about one dollar per student to spend on food—the way to get kids eating healthier may not have a monetary solution. Instead, beneficent manipulation is the way to go: "Brian Wansink, a Cornell professor of applied economics, told school lunchroom managers to buy an attractive bowl from T.J. Maxx, and use the bowl to display the fruit in a prominent, well-lit place in the lunchroom. The schools saw fruit sales double."

Why American history lives between the cracks

The stories we tell define history. So who gets the mic in America?

  • History is written by lions. But it's also recorded by lambs.
  • In order to understand American history, we need to look at the events of the past as more prismatic than the narrative given to us in high school textbooks.
  • Including different voices can paint a more full and vibrant portrait of America. Which is why more walks of American life can and should be storytellers.
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Juice is terrible for children. Why do we keep giving it to them?

A glass of juice has as much sugar, ounce for ounce, as a full-calorie soda. And those vitamins do almost nothing.

Pixabay user Stocksnap

Quick: think back to childhood (if you've reached the scary clown you've gone too far). What did your parents or guardians give you to keep you quiet? If you're anything like most parents, it was juice. But here's the thing: juice is bad for you. 

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Scientists claim the Bible is written in code that predicts future events

The controversy around the Torah codes gets a new life.

Michael Drosnin
Surprising Science
  • Mathematicians claim to see a predictive pattern in the ancient Torah texts.
  • The code is revealed by a method found with special computer software.
  • Some events described by reading the code took place after the code was written.
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