Rugby is Experiencing an Analytics Revolution

Rugby, like business, is a game of inches. Gaining a competitive advantage requires sharp data analysis and advanced analytics. 

What do rugby and business have in common? According to QBE CIO Malcolm Simpkin, they're both games of inches that require sharp data analysis in order to get ahead. Simpkin is one of several people interviewed in a video on The Guardian's website highlighting the marriage of sports and data. Americans are likely familiar with Moneyball, which wasn't necessarily about advanced stats, but certainly included them as a way to obtain a competitive advantage. For rugby, a much different game that baseball yet one that can still be quantified, numbers offer a unique glimpse into the subtle nuances of the action.

We've talked a lot about how big data is changing sports here on Big Think, especially in this past year. I've embedded below a video of former NBA commissioner David Stern in which he discusses the ways in which technology has led to a whole new manner of evaluating what we previously had to take at face value. Gleaning information beyond the eye test, front offices and fans alike can gain a deeper appreciation of the unseen mechanics of sports. 

Check out the piece linked below for more about rugby stats and do let us know how you feel about the sports analytics revolution.

Read more at The Guardian.

Photo credit: Paolo Bona / Shutterstock

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