Parent University Offers Classes to Expecting Moms and Dads

Being a parent isn't easy. Luckily, there are plenty of Parenting 101 classes to help prepare you for the rest of your life.

Ever wish there was a parenting class you had to pass before becoming a mom or dad? Chances are you've probably felt that way about someone else at one point or another. While it's unlikely expectant parents will ever be conscripted into Parenting 101 (much to Curtis Sliwa's chagrin, no doubt), there are several options for educating yourself on the finer aspects of parenthood. For example, here's a piece in the Port Huron Times Herald by Syeda Ferguson about a program called Parent University:

"Local experts lead Parent University sessions designed for parents, caregivers, preschool teachers, grandparents — anyone who cares for children ages 0 to 8.

Sponsored by the Great Start Collaborative of St. Clair County, the event typically draws about 100 students.

Topics include literacy, nutrition, kindergarten readiness, reducing stress, ADHD management, science in the classroom, and more.

Programs are tailored both for experienced caregivers and for brand-new parents — as well as for people in between."

Parent University serves a need in the community for knowledge of techniques and strategies for raising and guiding children. Classes like these aren't altogether a rarity, but it's a bit surprising they're not more prevalent throughout the country. Why isn't there a Parent University in every city? It certainly wouldn't hurt.

Many people like to believe that parenting comes natural to them — that no one knows better than they how to raise their kids. Decades of research and evidence suggests otherwise. If you're not entirely confident in your ability to become a mom or dad, perhaps look into similar programs where you live.

Read more at The Times Herald.

Photo credit: Oksana Kuzmina / Shutterstock

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