Playing Games on the Clock Can be Good for Productivity

While there are workers that play solitaire as a distraction from work, some businesses find that employees who are allowed to play certain games at work end up performing better.

What’s the Latest Development?

Stressed at work or unable to focus? Some businesses are realizing that some games help lower stress for employees, which make them better workers. “As more and more jobs rely on knowledge work, creativity, and communication skills, it's not enough to have workers sitting at their desks -- they must also be mentally sharp, emotionally present, and free from distraction. The answer for some: brain training.” Companies, like Nationwide Insurance and Kansas City-based Cerner, are finding help from games produced by “a company called Brain Resource and part of a package called MyBrainSolutions.”

What’s the Big Idea?

“MyBrainSolutions users begin with an assessment of their brain to provide a baseline along four axes: emotion, thinking, self-regulation, and feeling. Based on the resulting profile, the software suggests specific games to build up the areas of cognitive function that are weakest.” By playing these games, workers are able to reduce their stress and increase productivity, all while they get the experience of taking a break from work. “Beyond the immediate benefit of improving brain function, the suite of games can work in tandem with other wellness programs to help individuals achieve other health goals, such as weight loss, exercise, or quitting smoking.”

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