Our Ideal Holiday Lies

You may say your dream holiday would be trekking in a rainforest or white-water rafting but new research shows most of us are less daring than we think and prefer being beach-side.

A British survey has confirmed that while many participants self-report enjoying "mind-expanding activities" as vacation adventures, this ideal doesn't hold true. EEG tests showed that the majority of participants, even those who considered themselves thrill-seeking extroverts, were more engaged by more relaxing vacation imagery ("swimming pools and galleries"). So what gives? "We all have an ideal of what we are into, but it doesn't necessarily satisfy our true needs. A lot of extroverts who say they like adrenalin sports, for example, haven't done anything remotely adrenalin-like for years. ...When they arrive on holiday, they very rarely leave the beach."

Scientists claim the Bible is written in code that predicts future events

The controversy around the Torah codes gets a new life.

Michael Drosnin
Surprising Science
  • Mathematicians claim to see a predictive pattern in the ancient Torah texts.
  • The code is revealed by a method found with special computer software.
  • Some events described by reading the code took place after the code was written.
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The mystery of Jesus’ brother gets even weirder

The controversy over whether Jesus had any siblings is reignited after an amazing new discovery of an ancient text.

Jesus and James. Unknown painter. Possibly 14th century.
Politics & Current Affairs
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Orangutans exhibit awareness of the past

Orangutans join humans and bees in a very exclusive club

(Eugene Sim/Shutterstock)
Surprising Science
  • Orangutan mothers wait to sound a danger alarm to avoid tipping off predators to their location
  • It took a couple of researchers crawling around the Sumatran jungle to discover the phenomenon
  • This ability may come from a common ancestor
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