Speaking with Democrats yesterday, Obama sought to reassure his party of the White House's support during the coming elections and renewed his commitment to healthcare reform. "President Barack Obama sought to reassure nervous Democrats Saturday, pledging to push against the political headwinds facing the party in this year’s midterm elections. Obama, speaking at the conclusion of the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting in snowbound Washington, channeled the frosty weather and electoral outlook. 'Sometimes it may be against a blizzard, but we’re going to live up to our responsibility to lead,' said the tie-less president, alluding to the capital’s storm as 'Snowmegeddon.' But in language meant to both comfort party officials and explain his declining popularity, Obama acknowledged in plain terms the difficulties Democrats face following what he called 'a tough year.' Making the case that the party’s plight was a product of the country’s lingering economic troubles, the president said it was to be expected that he would bear some blame. Obama recalled a recent conversation he had with his wife, Michelle, who said it was perfectly logical that voters would take out their frustrations on the president when polled."