Navy Sea Lions

The US Navy is training sea lions to assist them with underwater activities such as retrieving explosive mines and even detaining intruder divers.

"The U.S. Navy Seals have a reputation for being amongst the bravest of servicemen. But their exploits pale when compared to the daring recruits currently in training - who swim between live mines and even detain terrorist divers underwater. But these are no regular sailors. They are sea lions, specially trained to assist the Navy. In a jaw-dropping feat, the US Navy's fleet of trained California sea lions are even able to detain intruder divers whilst underwater. 'We have trained sea lions to attach a leg cuff, just like hand cuffs, but fitted on a diver's thigh,' said Tom LaPuzza from the Biosciences Division of SSC Pacific… The animals can be fitted with a special harness attached to a lead, which allows trainers to keep track of them while they are hunting for underwater objects. Cameras can be fitted to the harness giving military staff live video images from under the surface. The sea lions are only used while training dolphins and humans for active service and do not work with active mines.

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