Nano-Velco Nabs Cancer Cells

Researchers have developed a device inspired by Velcro that "grabs" tumor cells circulating in a cancer victim's blood stream. The device uses nano-scale technology to filter blood.

A new nanotechnology tool allows for a more effective biopsy which scientists believe will aid in earlier cancer detection. "The device works at the nanoscale level to efficiently identify free-floating cancer cells and could aid both cancer research and treatment, scientists say. Circulating tumor cells, or CTCs, play a crucial role in cancer metastasis, which is the most common cause of cancer-related death in patients with solid tumors. Metastasis occurs when marauding CTCs leave the primary tumor site and travel through the blood stream to set up colonies in other parts of the body."

Scientists claim the Bible is written in code that predicts future events

The controversy around the Torah codes gets a new life.

Michael Drosnin
Surprising Science
  • Mathematicians claim to see a predictive pattern in the ancient Torah texts.
  • The code is revealed by a method found with special computer software.
  • Some events described by reading the code took place after the code was written.
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The mystery of Jesus’ brother gets even weirder

The controversy over whether Jesus had any siblings is reignited after an amazing new discovery of an ancient text.

Jesus and James. Unknown painter. Possibly 14th century.
Politics & Current Affairs
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Orangutans exhibit awareness of the past

Orangutans join humans and bees in a very exclusive club

(Eugene Sim/Shutterstock)
Surprising Science
  • Orangutan mothers wait to sound a danger alarm to avoid tipping off predators to their location
  • It took a couple of researchers crawling around the Sumatran jungle to discover the phenomenon
  • This ability may come from a common ancestor
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