What's the Latest Development?

Palestinians are expressing modest hope over their President's decision to petition the U.N. for official statehood this Friday. Mahmoud Abbas' decision to ask the Security Council to recognize Palestine as a independent country, while perhaps a morale booster, will not change the daily life of most Palestinians. "'Will this give us free borders, an airport, a currency? I don’t think so. The next morning it will still be the same story,' said Khalil Abddullah, heading home from the local market."

What's the Big Idea?

Despite ongoing negotiations led by the U.S. to prevent a Palestinian bid for statehood, Abbas currently plans to push ahead with the petition before the U.N. While Palestine would need approval of the Security Council for official statehood, the U.S. has been vocal about its intentions to veto any such request. If Abbas brings the measure to a vote, he will go the General Assembly after failing at the Security Council. In a poplar vote among the world's nations, Palestine is expected to easily curry the favor of the majority.