Luxury Pop-Up Hotels Land Somewhere Between Camp and Resort

Hoteliers in Europe are creating here-this-week-gone-next-week accommodations for travelers who want the convenience of a camp but the amenities of a resort.

Article written by guest writer Kecia Lynn

What’s the Latest Development?

Several entrepreneurial European hoteliers have hit upon the idea of a “pop-up hotel”: It’s just like a pop-up restaurant in that it’s only around for a very short time, but it’s put together at the site of a major event or other tourist attraction and provides guests with accommodations that are unique, convenient, and top-notch.  Travelers looking for something other than the typical luxury resort stay  have responded eagerly, and plans are underway to spread the concept – known as “glamping,” short for “glamorous camping” – throughout Europe and elsewhere.

What’s the Big Idea?

The success of the pop-up hotel reflects today’s financially shaky landscape. According to Patrick Mayock, editor-in-chief of, the question developers are asking is: “Do I take the risk and build a hotel for two years when demand might not be there?" While the ability to quickly assemble and dismantle properties saves both time and money, amenities not only must be present (plumbing, power); they must be first-rate. It’s supposed to be glamorous camping, after all. As Karen Friebe, a partner at DLA Piper UK, states, “Who is going to want to stay in an uncomfortable freight container just for the experience? It must have fantastic sheets and a great TV screen.”

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