Kindle Software Update Enables E-Book Sharing Between Family Members

Your Kindle software update may have already updated the fonts and graphics on your device, but did you know that a new feature will now allow you to treat e-books like real books and give you the ability to share them with your family members?

With every major software update arrives a number of new fonts, styles, and features. Those who own Kindle tablets are getting their fill of shiny new things this week as Amazon launches a major system upgrade. Among the most notable new features is something called Family Library, which (just as you can probably guess) allows users to share their e-book libraries with their family members. Here's how TechCrunch's Darrell Etherington describes it:

"You’ll get the chance to link two accounts to a device, which can include a spouse or partner, rather than having to share a single account across devices. The two paired accounts can also jointly supervise and control up to four child’s accounts, too."

Etherington calls the new feature a much-anticipated step, as e-books can now be treated like physical paperbacks. If you like the new Ann Patchett novel, you can just hand it off to grandma next. Or your husband, daughter, cousin... whomever.

Additional new features include Word Wise, which streamlines the process for getting the definitions of tough words in text, as well as revamped search and parental settings. If you've got a Kindle tablet, pick it up and see if you've yet been updated. If not, you can always do it manually at the Amazon site

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Photo credit: Sergiy Bykhunenko / Shutterstock

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