A teenager who has confessed to an horrific murder listed her hobbies as “killing people” on a social networking web site. “Jefferson City, MO police say that 15-year-old [Alyssa] Bustamante confessed to the gruesome murder of 9-year-old Elizabeth Olten, whose throat was slashed and who endured multiple stab wounds; that Bustamante planned the crime in advance; that she hid the body; and that, as the Associated Press summarizes, she did it ‘without provocation because she wanted to know what it felt like.’ What's more, Bustamante apparently recorded some of her more disturbing thoughts and actions on social networking sites.” This included listing her hobbies as “killing people” and “cutting” as well as a video of she posted of herself goading her two younger brothers in shocking themselves on an electric fence after doing so herself.