What's the Latest Development?

The election of moderate Iranian presidential candidate Hassan Rohani represents an opportunity for the West to engage Iran with fresh negotiations over its nuclear energy program, which is feared to shroud more nefarious intentions. "Rohani has called for an end to the 'era of extremism' and pledged to introduce a charta of citizens' rights, improve the position of women in Iranian society, boost media rights and scale back the power of the secret services. Known in the West as Iran's main nuclear negotiator in 2003-2005, Rohani immediately sought to build bridges."

What's the Big Idea? 

That the citizens of Iran have promoted a moderate to their country's most politically charged post signals they are no longer willing to bear the burden of international sanctions, which by popular report have done significant damage to the national economy, in exchange for international isolation. "The Iranian reform movement has woken up from its paralysis and has become an effective force again. Unlike four years ago after the controversial re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, no one is levelling accusations of electoral fraud this time." In exchange for the relaxing of sanctions, Rohani will be required to make concessions over Iran's nuclear program.

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