What's the Latest Development?

Booker T. Washington was born into slavery, but he went on to become the first principal of one of the most important institutions in African-American education. His name is synonymous with the belief that education is key to social and economic success. In the digital era, that message is more important than ever. Computers are now integral to nearly every conventionally blue-collar profession. For kids graduating today, digital technology is going to be a part of pretty much any job they might want.

What's the Big Idea?

B. Bonin Bough says it's therefore essential that we make investments in math and science education now because "we’re already seeing a 'disappearing middle' in the workforce, as the middle class starts to look more and more like the conventional working class. And the working class job of tomorrow is going to be a digital job. The American economy can’t stay afloat and the American workforce can’t stay working unless we teach kids the ins and outs of digital technology."