What's the Latest Development?

In an effort to bolster its already impressive cybersecurity talent, the Israeli Defense Forces have called for a two-fold increase in the number of young people scouted for computer programming talent, beginning in the 10th grade. "Currently 200 students are enrolled in the program, but graduates have so outperformed their peers in the IDF that commanders are clamoring for more. So this year the program will double in size, and the IDF hopes to see 1,000 students involved within two years." Application to the program is highly competitive and includes standardized tests as well as one-on-one interviews.

What's the Big Idea?

Compared with the United States, Israel is a highly militarized society in which industry, education, and the armed forces are closely paralleled. Because two years of national military service is required of all youth, military recruiters can easily scout the most talented individuals and business can cater its talents to servicing military objectives. "Some American experts say Israel may be zeroed in to an even greater degree than the US on developing cyber Top Guns with the ability to write and modify computer code, spot software vulnerabilities, move clandestinely inside networks, and manipulate systems, rather than just develop cybersecurity policy."

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