What's the Latest Development?

It is easy to inflate, or cover over the broken image of who we really are while using social networks, writes Geoff Talbot. Projecting a too-good-to-be-true image may produce short-terms gains, but eventually we can’t hide the truth of who we are. "It is those moments in life when we are caught off-guard—when we make a mistake or when we have to apologize—that really engage other people."

What's the Big Idea?

Talbot's advice is:

  • Tweet about your accidents and mistakes. (Don’t have to over-do it, but show your humanity.)
  • Blog about your disappointments and failures. (Include what you learned or wished you had known beforehand.)
  • Ask for help. (Reach out for ideas, solutions, and moral support. Engage your social media audience... When they know you are sincere, 99.9% of people will do anything to help.)