What's the Latest Development? 

The stunning nature of the 9/11 attacks caused a massive reaction on all levels of the American society, from government bureaucracies to neighborhood organizations. But in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Americans are not clamoring for trumped up security, the likes of which are now being relaxed at our airports. With respect to how the US deals with incidents of domestic terrorism, it is becoming more like England and Spain, which have a longer history of violent conflict within their own societies. "What Boston has done, indelibly, is confirm that those post-9/11 changes have become deep-rooted."

What's the Big Idea? 

What is likely to happen, as happened in England in Spain, is an increase in the presence of soft security measures, such as sign-ins at work and public events, and more closed-circuit cameras in public places. "For now, the mandate seems to be to ramp up security, but in ways that don't unduly disrupt daily life. It will be up to law enforcement agencies whether to raise the level of security, says Martin Reardon, vice president of The Soufan Group, a security consultancy. He points to CCTV cameras, as well as more K-9 patrols and police sweeps at big events, as potential ways forward."

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