How To Pitch Frozen Yogurt (And Other Processed Foods) To Men

In the case of one new brand, add black to the label and highlight "high-protein" instead of "low-fat." It's one of several new and existing products that are designed to attract an increasing number of "manfluencers."

What's the Latest Development?

In response to an increase in the number of men doing both the cooking and the grocery shopping, food companies of various sizes are working to attract them to products that have traditionally been favored by women. These include Greek yogurt in the form of Powerful Yogurt, which features an image of ab muscles, and frozen yogurt in the form of ProYo, which has black in its label and gives prominence to the words "high protein." To promote its newly rebranded Helper line, General Mills sent a red truck out on a nationwide tour, offering samples at "fire stations, Nascar races and a Real Men Cook event for fathers in Chicago."

What's the Big Idea?

A June survey of 900 men found that 47 percent were responsible for a significant portion of grocery shopping and cooking in their homes. These "manfluencers" are the targets food companies are trying to hit. In addition to changes in packaging, companies are tweaking their advertising and offering new types of products, such as cold-brew coffee, to which some coffeehouses "[add] nitrogen so it pours like a Guinness, which is totally appealing to guys," says Gorilla Coffee co-owner Darleen Scherer. Their product launched last year but was pulled because they were unable to keep up with demand. They plan to relaunch it early next year.

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