Three men have been charged by the feds for a 2008 stunt that replaced cable giant Comcast’s homepage with a message to other hackers – costing the company an over $128,000. Prosecutors named Christopher Allen Lewis, 19 and James Robert Black Jr and Michael Paul Lebel, 28, as the suspected hackers. “The hackers got control of the domain with two phone calls, and an e-mail sent to the company’s domain registrar, Network Solutions, from a hacked Comcast e-mail account. That gave them entry to the Network Solutions control panel for Comcast’s 200 domains. In an [anonymous] interview the day after the attack, [the hackers] told Threat Level that they didn’t initially set out to redirect the site’s traffic. Instead, they merely changed the contact information for the domain to Defiant’s e-mail address; for the street address, they used the ‘Dildo Room’ at ‘69 Dick Tard Lane.’”