Former head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, Mohamed ElBaradei is considered a potential rival to the incumbent Egyptian president and was given a strong welcome upon returning home. "ElBaradei, who arrived in Cairo on Friday, is seen as a potential presidential candidate and has repeatedly called for democratic change in Egypt since stepping down from his UN post. One local opposition newspaper had printed flight details for his arrival under the headline 'Baradei Returns' to rally people to meet him at the airport. Ahead of his arrival, there were media speculation that the authorities could ban public receptions for him. Two members of opposition group the April 6 Movement have already been arrested for organising a reception for ElBaradei and distributing leaflets encouraging people to attend, Egyptian media reported. Amr El-Kahky, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Cairo, said his return has caused a political stir in Egypt. 'Hundreds of people gathered at the airport ... ElBaradei insisted on acknowledging his supporters but he couldn't make it through the crowds. Officials were playing down ElBaradei's arrival ... whether his return will be like a snowball or the regime will stay as it is, that's yet to be seen,' he said."