Sporadic gunfire, a symptom of the mounting anger and despair, rings out across Haiti’s earthquake-ripped capital Port-au-Prince as locals endure a third night on the torn streets. “Much of the aid remains at the Haitian capital's airport and some relief workers and officials say they are too scared to leave the security of the airport until day breaks. Many on the ground in the Haitian capital say security is desperately needed, as most of the most members of the city's police force are busy searching for their own relatives. There are reports of looting and scuffles have broken out as helicopters drop food over parts of the city. As part of its aid effort, the United States is sending in more than 5,000 troops. North America correspondent Lisa Millar is embedded aboard the US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which is ready to sail for Haiti from the Guantanamo Bay naval base. One of the questions over the USS Carl Vinson's deployment is that what is probably more needed is the comfort hospital ship that still sits off the coast of Baltimore in the north east United States.”