Practice Gratitude For a Happy, Healthy Life

Numerous studies have identified a link connecting feelings of gratitude with happiness, good health, and generosity.

Is saying "thank you" an integral part of leading a healthy and positive life?

Yes, says wellness blogger Gabe Kapler. It most certainly is.

A former professional baseball player, Kapler was well-known throughout his 12-year big beague career for his zealous commitment to fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle. Now, with his Kaplifestyle blog, the retired outfielder shares tips and information on how to both be well and feel good.

In a recent post, Kapler cites several studies that link habitual acts of gratitude with positive health effects such as lower blood pressure and a boosted immune system. He also notes examples of research that connect being grateful with having a more positive outlook on life. The more you cultivate a habit of thankfulness, the more optimistic and joyous you become.

Perhaps most interesting, Kapler references a 2010 study that assessed the mighty power of the seemingly innocuous phrase "thank you." Researchers investigated how gratitude influenced test subjects asked to honor a request. For some, the request included a short thanks. For others, the tone was much more neutral. Unsurprisingly, the former group was much more likely to provide help than the latter.

Kapler explains that expressing gratitude isn't just about good manners, but rather a means by which one can respect and empower others:

"Gratitude makes others feel respected. It is a give and take that makes the world a more negotiable space. Saying thank you makes folks want to continue to help you because they feel valued. It is a sensational motivator...

Gratitude for others creates an atmosphere of positive vibes and optimizes taking care of ourselves. Here at Kaplifestyle, we always try to check both boxes."

Kapler recommends taking this information to heart during the upcoming Thanksgiving season. For example, do yourself a favor and be sure to thank someone -- a co-worker, family member, or even a stranger -- who really deserves it this month. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

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