The Republican candidate aiming to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat from Massachusetts is leading the polls with his vow to kill national healthcare reform. “With the political winds at the back of Republican Scott Brown, pollsters tracking the Massachusetts Senate race are skeptical that President Obama’s Boston rally on Sunday will be enough to put Democrat Martha Coakley over the top. Her supporters are holding on to the hope that Obama’s appearance, along with the wave of reports about Brown’s surging poll numbers, will inspire Democrats who’ve been cool to Coakley and the race until now to turn out at the polls to back her. Given the state’s leftward tilt – it last elected a Republican senator in 1972, and Democrats outnumber Republicans by about three-to-one – that could avert a stunning Democratic loss of a seat that seemed safe as recently as two weeks ago. ‘A lot of people don’t even realize there is an election on Tuesday to fill the unexpired term of Ted Kennedy,’ Obama says in a robocall that state voters began receiving Friday. ‘They don’t realize why it’s so important.’”