Google's engineers, who necessarily see individuals as conduits of electronic information, are ill-equipped to design privacy regulations—the company should hire anthropologists. "Engineers are actually the worst people on the planet to make [privacy] decisions because they have, essentially, a cybernetic view of the world. To them, the world is little more than a system. And in that system, human autonomy plays a very small part, if it plays any part at all. They just don’t get it; they don’t get that people are making choices all the time and that different information has different values. Google think they are pioneering a brave new world because they have a very limited conception of what a human being is. They are contemptuous of the idea of a human being as a sovereign, an individual making their own decisions and choices. ... There are sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists—with many decades of experience in how people relate to each other—who are better suited to designing these services."