Doubts have been raised about the apparent suicides of three Guantanimo Bay detainees who had reportedly been taken to a secret location known as "camp no" just hours before their deaths. Harper’s magazine, which published details on the subject yesterday, “raises serious questions about whether the three detainees actually died by hanging themselves in their cells and suggests the U.S. government is covering up details of what precisely happened in the hours before the deaths on the night of June 9, 2006. In response to the magazine article, the Justice Department said Monday that it had thoroughly reviewed the allegations and found no evidence of wrongdoing. Harper's reported that the deaths of the three detainees, or the events that led directly to their deaths, most likely occurred at a previously undisclosed facility a mile or so from the main Guantanamo Bay prison complex. Harper's based much of its account on interviews with several prison guards who said they knew of the existence of the ‘black’ site and that they saw three detainees removed from Camp Delta several hours before the deaths were reported and said the prisoners were transported in a white van toward the secret site.”