After winning the unanimous backing of Latin America and the Caribbean in its claim to sovereignty over the Falklands Islands, Argentina is seeking a UN ruling over the row. “ Jorge Taiana, Argentina's foreign minister, will travel to New York on Wednsday to demand secretary general Ban Ki-moon's intervention to kick-start negotiations with Britain over the ownership of the South Atlantic islands. The Argentine position was buoyed by the unanimous backing of a 32-country group of Latin American and Caribbean nations including Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. The group also included 12 Commonwealth nations and is almost entirely composed of non-White former Spanish and British colonies. Argentina's historical claim over the Falkland Islands has been brought back into the spotlight by plans to begin oil exploration. Jorge Argüello, the ambassador to the UN said the Buenos Aires would wage an unceasing diplomatic campaign to force London into negotiations over the fate of the islands. He said: ‘Argentina's sole objective is to create the conditions needed to restart a serious dialogue regarding the Malvinas sovereignty.’”