“The world is moving fairly quickly on Iran,” remarked US President Barack Obama amid growing fears about Iran’s commencement of a uranium enrichment process. “Obama, whose policy of engagement with Iran has not succeeded in halting Teheran’s nuclear march, told reporters at the White House, ‘what we are going to be working on over the next several weeks is developing a significant regime of sanctions that will indicate to them how isolated they are from the international community as a whole.’ US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, meanwhile, said he believed the UN should slap new sanctions on Iran in ‘weeks, not months,’ according to his spokesman. Netanyahu, however, wants to see immediate action. ‘Iran is racing forward to produce nuclear weapons in brazen defiance of the international community,’ Netanyahu told EU ambassadors during a meeting on Tuesday in Jerusalem. ‘And the international community must decide if it is serious about neutralizing this threat to Israel, the region and the entire world. I believe that what is required right now is tough action from the international community.’”