Stupid criminals and Facebook just don’t go together says Chicago Tribune’s John Kass, remarking on the fate of an escaped burglar who set his status as “on da run…” Unsurprisingly, Joseph Luebke, 19, was picked up by the authorities just hours after logging into the social networking site and posting his fateful message. The convicted felon had been serving a six-year prison sentence for robbing a house in south suburban Dixmoor. But just months before he would have been freed, Luebke breached the terms of his imprisonment, which by then had included nights sleeping at a halfway house and days working as a telemarketer. According to Illinois Department of Corrections spokeswoman Januari Smith, Luebke's Facebook saga began the evening of St. Patrick's Day. "Mr. Luebke broke custody at about 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, March 17," Smith said. A mere 18 minutes later, there was an important news update on his Facebook page. "On da run …" The entry amazed many of his 526 Facebook friends, some of whom may actually know the guy. To properly capture the emotion of it all, I've decided not to clean up the spelling. "Waaaat u better not be," wrote Gina, two minutes later. "JOOOEEE YOUR SO DUUUMMBBB!!!!!!" chimed in Danielle. Then his mom decided to weigh in, at 8:44 p.m. "joe call me cuz now I'm freakin out!!!!!!!"