What's the Latest Development?

In this episode of The Amazing Adventures of Edward Snowden, our hero fools a cadre of journalists into believing he is en route to Havana in search of political asylum. Eager to reach Snowden before Johnny Law does, the journalists book their tickets for Snowden's alleged flight. Alas, his seat is left dramatically empty, also leaving the world's media with bated breath. Thanks to the help of WikiLeaks and his CIA training, Snowden remains one step ahead of J.L. What a cipher of a guy! Stay tuned to find out how we'll not be discussing the merits of the NSA surveillance program!

What's the Big Idea?

Nothing spells diversion quite like a CIA man-of-mystery and a pole-dancing girlfriend who blogs about her life. Snowden's candor about sacrificing his professional career for his democratic ideals is the perfect coverstory for a plot to keep the details of the NSA's digital surveillance off the front pages (everyone loves a hero). "The genius of the plan is that it offers an emotional arc and payoff that feels like it’s about the NSA story. ... There will, presumably, be an eventual resolution to the Snowden story, such that those following it feel they have a sense of closure and can move onto other topics."

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