Startup Develops Personal Hydroponic Gardens For Greater Access to Fresh Food

The New Orleans-based startup Earth Prime seeks to harness the powers of humans, technology, and the environment in order to increase access to fresh vegetables. 

Millions of people in America and billions abroad live in locations without access to fresh vegetables. The entrepreneurs behind New Orleans-based startup Earth Prime want to change that. Earth Prime has developed a personal gardening system (dubbed iGardenX) it hopes will allow wider swaths of society to grow their own fresh and inexpensive food. Carly Kollath Wells of has the scoop:

"The concept earned founders Henry Clay duQuesnay, Sam Skydell, and Justin Workmon a nomination for Idea Village's 2015 Big Idea Challenge. DuQuesnay is no stranger to hydroponic growing. ... He realized the majority of hydroponic units on the market were made for commercial use and not residential. The three men then came up with the iGardenX, their hydroponic garden unit."

The goal, according to duQuesnay, is to allow homeowners and those without much growing space an easy avenue toward personal food production. According to Wells, Earth Prime is also targeting hotels and restaurants with their new invention. iGardenX currently sells for $300-$600.

Read more at New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Photo credit: Top, Elena Elisseeva / Shutterstock; Bottom, Earth Prime

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