Former Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon’s Xbox video game, which prosecutors allege she bought with gift cards meant for the poor, is now up for grabs on online auction site eBay. “The game system, shown in a photo, is marked with a piece of red evidence tape. It is ‘used, and seems to be in great condition,’ according to accompanying text. By Monday evening, bids for the system had risen to more than $200. The Xbox was seized from the former mayor's home in 2008 and played a key role in her trial on charges of embezzlement late last year. A jury found her guilty of stealing about $500 worth of gift cards intended for the needy. Dixon submitted an Alford plea — which means that she did not admit guilt but acknowledged the prosecutors had enough evidence to convict her — on a single count of perjury for not disclosing lavish gifts from a developer ex-boyfriend on city ethics forms. As part of a plea deal, she resigned from office Feb. 4, agreed to perform 500 hours of community service and relinquished several valuable items, including the Xbox, to prosecutors.”