Do specially made “extra small” condoms for children sound like a good idea, asks Marlon Abrahams, in response to a new safe sex campaign targeting 12-year-olds in Switzerland? Comically titled the “Hotshot”, the new kind of condom has been developed by the Swiss government after a survey showed that 12 to 14-year-olds did not use sufficient protection when having sex. Marlon says: “Immediately I thought about my girls. Would I want them engaging in sex at the age of 12 with a pimply faced squirt armed with a pack of Hotshots? Certainly not! I’d want them to wait until they were 33 years old like I was when I had my first experience and Hannah was conceived. But would I prefer that they rather did it with a ‘responsible’ little squirt, hell yes! I don’t know if it was easier for our parents back in the day. Maybe not, sure I guess sex was happening between 12-year-olds back then too. Yet we only found out when someone got pregnant from it. And is it really such a big deal? Such a shock to realise that 12-year-old kids are doing it already? Well it shouldn’t be. In the days of yore it was more-or-less common practise to get married at around that age, even Royalty engaged in the practise regularly.”