Companies Collaborating, and Online

A positive outcome of global economic meltdown is that corporations are increasingly working together for social change, and many are harnessing social networks to do so.

What's the Latest Development?

An exciting trend to emerge from the fallout of the global economic crisis is a heightened awareness of connectivity, both offline and online, in the corporate sphere. And thanks to the Internet and social media, more people than ever are getting involved in positive change. The rise of corporate collaboration falls into four broad categories: increased involved in socially transformative thinking or actions; partnerships for change; direct participation with NGOs; and working to assist governments.

What's the Big Idea?

"These cross-sector collaborations demonstrate the recognition by all parties that the challenges we face are now too large, complex and deeply entrenched for any individual, company or government to fix alone. Each effort is an inspiring example of how we can find and apply smarter scalable solutions if we chose to adopt a 'We First' attitude and build a better world together."

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