College Students Construct a Face-Tracking Marshmallow Cannon

Engineering students at Olin College spent 3 months and a $250 budget to construct a face-tracking marshmallow shooter nicknamed the Confectionery Cannon.

What's the Latest?

Here's an arms race I can get behind.

Engineering students at Olin College spent three months and a $250 budget to construct a face-tracking marshmallow cannon for their Principles of Engineering course. The Confectionery Cannon, as the four young engineers call it, was programmed using Python and utilizes OpenCV to guide the device's face tracking capabilities.

Just check out the video to see how awesome it is:

What's the Big Idea?

Aside from its potential as the weapon for the world's most delicious firing squad, the Confectionery Cannon allowed the students to achieve course objectives and put their knowledge to work. The cannon's automated reload makes it able to fire six marshmallows in 10 seconds. A pneumatic system launches the sugary ammunition with the help of 135 PSI of pressure. Their impressive website, linked below, offers a fun glimpse into the design and construction of the cannon. has a good write-up on the cannon's specs.

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Photo credit: Brittny / Shutterstock

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