City Of Pasadena Offers A Discount On Foldable Bikes

In an effort to increase the number of riders on public transit, the city is offering $220 off the price of the bikes, which are much easier to carry on and off buses and trains.

City Of Pasadena Offers A Discount On Foldable Bikes

What's the Latest Development?

The city of Pasadena, CA has a new program, FoldnGo, in which anyone who lives, works, or attends school in the city can get $220 off the price of a foldable bike. In exchange, participants are encouraged to ride the bikes at least twice a week -- ideally as part of their daily commute -- and use the program's Facebook page to document their experience. Currently, 600 $220 vouchers will be given away, and they can be used to purchase foldable bikes from Dahon, which is a program partner. The voucher equates to a discount of approximately 50 percent.

What's the Big Idea?

The FoldnGo program is aimed at tackling what transportation experts call "the last mile": the distance people travel to and from a bus stop or train station. This distance often prevents more people from using public transportation. Foldable bikes have many advantages compared to traditional bikes, according to Fred Silver, president of Calstart, the consortium that is behind FoldnGo. "You can bring them on the bus...You can bring them to your cubicle. And they’re getting to be like luggage – you can drag them behind you now." The consortium hopes to implement similar programs in other areas of Los Angeles County.

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